Birds of a feather?
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The Afternoon Watch
Halvorsen, the unity of all things, encaustic on board, 24x24.jpg
finding tongues in trees 2006.jpg
alder conversation 9-23-07.jpg
islands 06.jpg
he.e-141 Bright Heaven, Cool Earth09.jpg
he.e-151 Sommerfugl 11x8.jpg
point no point lighthouse, encaustic.jpg
poppies too two.jpg
the white field.jpg
sunday's flowers 2 .jpg
the memory of trees 07.jpg
spring melt 07.jpg
ehe once upon a midnight 3@10x10.jpg
4-16 022.jpg
08 paintings 010.jpg
a stroke of bloom.jpg
all the world in a seed2009.jpg
aloft 2011.jpg
as the crow flies - Copy.jpg
Between earth & sky.jpg
breakers at dawn07.jpg
brook by moonlight.jpg
Caravan thief (640x636).jpg
crow 005.jpg
dreams of Mexico.jpg
eh en blooming prose 18x19.jpg
eh en on the loose.jpg
ehe hare's moment 15x11.JPG
ehe Katmandu 12x15 (2).jpg
ehe paddling 10x10.jpg
ehE-142 downstream09.jpg
ehE-144 Glittering of spring 12x12.jpg
ehE-146 if winter comes.jpg
ehE-150 Shadows of leaves & moondrops, 24 by 24 inches.jpg
ehE-152 To fall and float away09.jpg
encaustics8-12-10 011.jpg
finding the current 06.jpg
gull's flight06.jpg
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Mollie's view 06.jpg
moon bloomers 06.jpg
moonfall 9-23-07.jpg
spring thaw 08.jpg
glacial run07.jpg
pear space 07.jpg
run run 2011.JPG
San Juan lighthouse.jpg
the rustling of words 07.jpg
traveler 2007.jpg
warm afternoon breeze 07.jpg
whisper 07.jpg
he.e-153 Twas Brillig 18x18.jpg
leaning towards sunset 06.jpg
nocturnal trysts.jpg
solitude 07.jpg
the bead tree 11x11.jpg
August blooms
What the wind blows in
So Emma, what do you think?
A Fine Rabbit
The Doves
You Call
Searching for the bookworm
Crocodile Walk
A Timely Owl
the Business Bird
String Theory
the Navigators
Bunny Delireum
Morning Conversation
the lonely sentinel
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